A Trip Down Memory Lane...


So, I've been on a hunt...
for old pictures of Justin and I for our wedding slide show.
 I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I started dating him when I was 15
 {aka when I was a little baby.} 
 Anyways, when I was 15 I didn't know that blogging, twitter or facebook existed.
myspace on the other hand... was my STUFF.
Seriously, the song "she's a myspace FREAK" could have been a bullet point to describe my character.
No joke this would have been what my "about me" section would have consisted of sophomore year:

Hi, I'm Lauren :)
  • Fun
  • Outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Smile ALL the time :) :) :)
  • OBSESSED with myspace/changing myspace layouts/ taking profile pics ;)
  • I love my boyfie {yes, I called him that.} 3/17/07-FOREVER <3

   You don't have to tell me... I know...
#weirdomuch ?

 Memory Lane...
This was our first vacation together. We went on a cruise July, 2007 with my family to Key West and the Bahamas. It was honestly the best vacation I've ever been on. It was the first vacation I ever got to take "my boyfriend" on, so that alone made my trip. Every night Justin and I would lay on the top deck on the lawn chairs and listen to the ocean and look up and try to spot shooting stars. Everything about this trip was picture perfect.

This trip is one I'll never forget. It was my first trip to Justin's dad's house In Kentucky {March 2008.} My parents had never let me go anywhere that far with a person of the opposite sex before. I was beyond excited... so excited that I managed to break my collar bone shortly after this picture. I spent the rest of the weekend drugged up at the ER. #longstory
Justin felt horrible and did such a good job taking care of me! :)
{Still love the picture!}
This picture was taken New Years Eve 2007-2008.  We had went out to dinner prior to the picture to celebrate my brother's birthday and decided after to stay at my house for the night. I have no idea why but we decided to take crazy/fun pictures while waiting for the ball to drop. I remember having my little brother take tons of pictures for us. This one was by far my favorite. I think I love this picture so much because it just shows how young, fun and in love we were. {Not that we aren't now- you know what I mean!} We had so much fun this night! :)

I had to post this picture of my little baby! Because he just turned 3 today! :) This was one of the best days of my life! Justin, my dad and I went to the Humane Society to look for puppies and came home with this little guy! I had always wanted a kitten and my daddy let Justin buy him for me! He was the perfect gift and the best gift I've ever received! I will never forget that day! {He got him for me November 2008!}

Needless to say I found a countless amount of old pictures that were very "slide show worthy" after logging onto my old myspace account. Even though I haven't used myspace in years I just can bring myself to deactivating my account? I think it's all the memories... but who knows.
I just can't get over how fast time goes. I was just a baby then... so young and so in love. Now 5 years later I'm getting married to my best friend. My fairytale is finally coming true, I couldn't have asked for a better happily ever after.


  1. aww i love all your pictures. yeah you have to tell me how you broke your collar bone cuz now i'm curious! lol. i love the titanic picture too. "i'm flying jack!" so cute.

  2. You guys are too cute! So is your kitty! Congrats on the big day and I hope that it is everything that you want it to be!

  3. Awww, these old pictures are adorable! Love the one of him lifting you up!!

  4. ohhhhhh!!!! Yay for trips down memory lane! so sweet! I can't believe you guys have been dating so long! that is so so so sweet, your video will be so fun!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  5. I LOVE this post! I always enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, finding old photos, seeing who you were back then and what you did, remembering events you might not otherwise. It's a beautiful thing. These pics are so so sweet- thanks for sharing them with us! And Happy Birthday to your kitty- what a cutie!! :)

  6. AWWWW!!! You are so adorable, and I love this post!! And that myspace profile? Oh, yeah; Totes had one JUST like that! hahaha ohhh man, this makes me want to log into my old myspace account, it's been dayyyyys :)

  7. aww cute pictures! you guys have been together for such a long time! thats awesome :)

  8. You are still young....:-) But as I see it..just many more years with your <3

  9. Such cute pics and perfect for the slide show. Love the one on the cruise ship of the titanic reenactment.

  10. Thanks guys! :) I love looking back at old pictures! :)

  11. You two are the cutest! I remember my first vacation with my hubby(bf at the time). We went camping with my family! And I totally forgot about myspace!! Mine is still up but I haven't been on it in years.. makes me wonder :)

  12. Wow, the myspace days. Blast from the past! But love the pics. You guys are too cute!

  13. awww so cute! How did you not break your collarbone on the picture Right AFTER the one where you actually did?! Haha I can't imagine being that light someone can just hold me over his head, LOL these are very cute, I can't believe you started dating when you were 15!

  14. these pictures are so cute!! wasn't myspace the place to be (in the internet world... that is)?! i was obsessed... i think i changed my layout every day... haha

  15. did you two have sex before you were married? advice about that topic would be good.
    thank you!


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