Things I LOVE Thursday


Better late than never right? {my new motto in life, since I've been such a slacker!} Not only have I been a slacker, I've also been a horrible blogger! :( Sorry guys, I promise to comment on all of your wonderful posts soon! I want to start off by saying this week has been LONG, stressful & tiring. I keep telling myself once I make it through this week we're home free and time will fly! {Thankfully It's Thursday and I only have one more work day to go and then I've MADE it!}


However, I forgot to mention above ^...

I have had a sore throat and a stopped up nose all day today along with a fever...
just what I need right before the wedding.
Who gets sick in the Summer anyways?
I guess I do.
I'm sure my stress level has a tiny bit lot to do with it...

So If anyone has any get well quick tips I would love to hear them! :)

Okay, sorry for the life story/daily update...
I know this post is supposed to be about things I LOVE on Thursday, so here we go-
{Yes, I still love things today even though I'm sick!}

1. I love that today is Thursday, I have one more day of work and then I'm off for the weekend. Nothing is better than the weekends right? I'm in need of some R&R. {Like that's possible!}

Cats have the life... #wishthatwasme!

2. I love that my parents have a Jacuzzi tub. It's becoming my new best friend.

3. I love that our house is coming together perfectly! Justin and my dad worked on installing our new chandelier and I absolutely triple LOVE it!

Don't mind the lack of molding! That's our next project! :)

4. I love that I got to spend the evening with my wonderful fiance tonight eating at my favorite restaurant in the entire world. Olive Garden and spending quality time with my love made my night complete.

5. I love that I have over a 100 followers now! I honestly can't believe it! I started this blog as an online diary and never in a million years thought over a 100 people would read it! I feel a giveaway coming on! {Stay tuned Lia Sophia jewelry lovers!} :)

6. I love that in 22 days I'll be married to the love of my life and I'll finally be stress & worry FREE! :)

Don't get me wrong, I love everything about planning our wedding but now I'm just ready to enjoy it and send the headaches packing!

So what are some things you LOVE this Thursday!? :)


  1. The closer the wedding got, the MORE i felt like i just wanted it to get here so that the planning and worrying and stress would be done. and believe me, i loved the planning haha. but it's really nice to NOT have the planning, too. :)

  2. I'm sorry you're sick! :( My cure-all go-to is chicken noodle soup. Don't know why, but it always seems to help... I think it's the protein. I also reccommend Emergen-C drink mix- floods your system with Vitamin C! Congrats on 100 followers- you deserve it. Have a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Sleep sleep sleep!! I sleep when I'm sick and I sleep when I'm not sick! But lots of it always helps me. Jacuzzi tuba are the best! I love that someone invented them haha :)

  4. Just think it is better to be sick NOW than the week or day of your wedding. You got lucky! :)

  5. Thanks guys for the tips!!! :) I'm feeling a little better today!

  6. hope you're feeling better! that kitten is soooo sweet :)

  7. Sorry you are sick. I love jacuzzi tubs, they are the best!

    I just found your blog today and I am now your newest follower. I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back :)

  8. Thank you both! I'm so much better now! :)

  9. OH yea, we are still 8 months out and I am already tired of the stress..I just want it to be here already. Downfall to a long engagement!! But 22 days...YEAY!

  10. You are getting so close! Good luck...I am sure it will all go well. Enjoy's such a special time.

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