Clearance racks and hairstyles!


Hi everyone :)
I'm back and feeling much better!
Thanks to all of your get well soon tricks!
I can't wait to tell you all about the deals my mom and I found yesterday!
I went with my mom to Kohl's to return something and while she was taking care of that I of course hit up the clearance rack!
 Everything was on sale! {I'm talking 75-80 percent off sale!}
When my mom was done she came over and fell in love with the 3 shirts I had in my hand and said I had to get them! :)
How can you say NO to a clearance rack sale anyways?
When we checked out the bill came to $10.09 or something like that for 3 tank tops!
I don't know why but all I could think of was the Staples commercials...
But seriously $10! I was amazed! :) 
I used to hate clearance racks and never even bothered looking at them, but I'm so glad God gave me a change of heart because now it's the first place I look!
So girls the next time you're going on a shopping trip check out the clearance racks first!
You never know what you might find! 
Did I mention that the sales clerk gave us an additional coupon of 20% off?

Take a look at my fabulous finds & hairstyles! :)

$5.60 + 20% off!
Messy side ponytail- braided to cover hair tie.

$3.60 + 20% off!

Messy side bun with braid!

$2.80 + 20% off!

Half up/half down wavy!

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)


  1. CUTE tanks!! I am so with you... clearance racks/sales are the best!! It's so hard for me to pay full price for clothes now haha. Now, if only I could get into thrifting.. I don't have a clue where to start there :)

  2. You are SO cute!! I am just like you, I used to hate the sale and clearance stuff, but I look there first now! Great finds!!

  3. That first tank top is the!! I used to work at a clothing store and always knew what was on the clearance rack and I STILL never bought anything from it. But since I got married the clearance racks call my name every time :)

  4. SO cute! I am such a clearance hunter. I think clearance racks are better than thrifting . . . new and cheap is way better than worn by a stranger for the same price.

    And you have way good hair, girl.

  5. What great finds! I love sale/clearance racks! There are so many great deals to be found!

  6. Love sale racks. They are my life!! Adorable picks!

  7. You are so cute!! Love the clothes and the hairstyles :)

  8. Oh my gosh, this makes me want to go to my Kohl's and scour the clearance racks ASAP!!! I looooove clearance; I always check it out in like every store I go to; I have no shame! LOL!! I love myself a good deal. Welcome to the club, hehe :)

    Annnnd you look fab as usual, and I'm loving the tops you got!

  9. You got some amazing deals!! And your hair looks super cute all 3 ways :)

  10. Love every single hairstyle and every single shirt- well done, girly!! I'm thinking I need to head on over to Kohl's now, no?? Oh, yes, I do! :)

  11. You're so pretty, friend!! What great deals.. the outfits look great! xx

  12. Loving all your finds and your are too cute girl!

  13. I love your hair...:-) can't wait for mine to grow so I can steal some of your hairstyles..heehee :-)

  14. great hairstyel! hope you are loving being a BRIDE! it is so much fun!

  15. Thanks everyone! :) I was so happy with my bargins! :)

  16. I love that you matched your hair with your outfits! So cute!

  17. I'm new to blogging, so I just wanted to say hi! :) I loved reading some of your posts and love your cute hairstyles! Can't wait to see/read more! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  18. Thanks so much for following me back! You're my first follower... woo hooooo! :) Congrats on being a newlywed *very* soon! Can't wait to hear more about your life as an engaged and then MARRIED couple! :)

  19. love the blue stripes! and clearance is the best!!! After getting married, we were too poor to afford anything but clearance, eBay and mega sale, so its a good habit to get into!!

    -Heather from

  20. great finds at kohls!! their clearance rack is seriously amazing. you have to look through but you can find some great things! my favorite is your first top newest follower :-)

  21. The first thing I thought when I saw you was "OMG its Audrina!!!!" LOL she's actually my fav from the Hills. I love your hair in these pictures. Such awesome styles! I'm a new follower now

  22. Thank you guys!!! :) Lol everyone always says I look like her! Her and Lauren we're my favorites! :)

  23. You look too immature and young for marriage. Sorry, but it is true.

  24. To Anonymous,
    She may look immature but that is to her advantage! She is a very intelligent young woman who loves and enjoys life! She is good to everyone and a good example for younger girls. She knows what she wants and goes after it without hurting anyone else. She has never, "followed the crowd!" She is her own person and she endears herself to everyone! She has the respect of all her peers!
    She has been loved by us and taught that people, especially family, come first...
    She is responsible and manages very!
    And yes, I am her Gramma, I can say these things because I have watched her grow into this beautiful creature and I love her so very much!!!

  25. To Gramma & Lauren,
    I would like to sincerely say I am sorry for the things I said. I was honestly feeling just a little bit jealous. I'm just a little bit older than you, Lauren, and have been with my boyfriend for a little bit longer than you have been with yours! I am wanting to get engaged! So I'm a little jealous. I really do wish you all of the happiness in the world, and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings too bad because it wasn't true what I said & I didn't mean it.

    I enjoy reading your blog & hearing all of the little details about your upcoming wedding! I wish you two all of the happiness in the world! Less than a week, right!? Woo! :)

  26. To Anonymous,
    Thank you for the apology. Lauren and I sincerely hope that your situation improves and we wish you all the happiness as well.

  27. Thank you! :) And I am thinking my situation will improve ;) just hoping it is sooner rather than later. Reading your blog helps give me my ideas for my future wedding! Love it :)

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