So Long...


It's almost time to say goodbye.
Is almost here.
The day after the wedding I will no longer be a 'bride 2 be.'
I will be a wifey.

With that said, I will have to say goodbye to the second love of my life, 
The BRIDE Side Of Life...

No worries-
I'm going to continue documenting my adventures of being a
 fun, loving, domesticated diva wife.
{As long as your promise not to laugh/judge when I post pictures of my dinner fails!
I'm sure there will be plenty!}

This blog means more to me than I ever thought It could.
I've made new friends, read inspirational stories I'll never forget,
gathered creative recipes and DIY tricks,
but most of all learned to appreciate all the simple things in life for what they're worth.

I'm going to miss being a bride more than anything
but I'm so excited to move on to the next chapter...

So you're probably wondering what my new blog title will be right?
You'll have to wait!
 At least until I'm done with the honeymoon posts!
It's a good one, trust me.
Don't worry, Time flies! :)


  1. Congratulation and good luck on your wedding day, not long to go… I totally in love with your lovely blog. I have to follow you :-D… Hope you follow me back too when you has the chance to read this comment…

    I have to say that you are beautiful, you will be absolutely beautiful bride:-)

    Have a lovely day

    Much loves, Sacha x

  2. can't wait to see your new blog after your big day! it's really coming up here soon- yay! :)

  3. yaya :) your blog is super cute girl- i love the name and all your posts! def going to be a new follower! xo

  4. Woohoo, such a fun new chapter in your life. Trust me, being a wifey TRUMPS being a fiance ten-fold. Although for me that time was very brief. I just love being married and was so happy that the wedding was over (no more stress) but I could still re-live the big day through videos and pictures.
    Good luck with last minute things and I can't wait to see the new Title!

  5. I worried about his too..what would happen to the blog once I was married!!! Tear..

  6. I am glad you will continue writing. :-)

  7. I'm a new follower of yours, I love your blog! So cute! I have a lot to catch up on though-

  8. The end of one chapter, the start of a new one! Kinda bitter-sweet, isn't it?? So much congrats is in order to you though! By the way, my hubby is from Cincinnati and we just got home from visiting family there and it's awesome- we were in almost the exact spot of your proposal story this time last week... so sweet! Can't wait to read about your upcoming marriage. :)

  9. Congratulations new friend! And thanks for the comment on my blog (blogger wont let me comment on my own posts for some reason). Cute blog by the way!! :)

  10. Ah!! It is SO close!! So exciting! You're gonna be such a good wifey :)
    And I can't wait to see what the new title will be!

  11. Thanks everyone!!! :) I'm so happy and excited to be a wife! I'm so glad I have so many new followers! I will follow you all back! :)

  12. enjoy this last month, it's such a great time....and being a wife is even better :) Congrats and I can't wait to see where you take the blog after!

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