"Lauren...Bridezillas called, It's for you!"


This was me tonight. Cute right?
The stress has arrived...
in full swing.
{32 days}...
I will not loose it.
I will NOT take anxiety pills.

I will get married.
I will be fine. {Hopefully.}

Seriously though, I'm trying my hardest to stay happy and enjoy all the final steps of planning but tonight I could have been featured on Bridezillas. #nojoke

So blogger friends, do you have any advice to help me stay calm and {semi} stress free during the last few weeks?!

If not, just reassure me that our decision to not elope was the right one...


  1. Keep the focus on you, your hubby to be and your new life together.
    I know the details and pleasing everyone can get the best of you.
    Most importantly its about a marriage, you and your hubby to be starting a strong new life together. There will be somethings that will be out of your control, and you have to let them go. My wedding day was perfect and some things didn't go exactly as I had planned, but the guy I was spending the rest of my life was there -- and thats all that mattered.
    Everything will be perfect!

  2. TRUST ME, every single bride I know went through this! Me included. My hubby and I had plans to head to Vegas and do the deed with minimal stress, but after we told our family that we were engaged there was no stopping them and we ended up with a bigger event then id first pictured. (it was still a small-ish wedding though) I remember being the most stressed EVER and just wanting to give up. You have just got to calm down. Make lists, tick them off. At the end of the day all that counts is you and your hubby and no matter what, this day will turn out to be the best day of your life. xx

  3. i have a few de-stress tips for ya. 1) blog about it (we already talked about that on twitter though lol) 2) have a girls night even if it's only for dinner 3) go on a date with Justin (do something that is cheap/free) 4) take a bubble bath then give yourself a pedicure (this works for me cuz i also have a paraffin wax thing) 5) use your wedding check off lists and DELEGATE! whatever is overwhelming you, ask your mom or a bridesmaid to help you do it :)

    hope those help! you WILL get through this and live happily ever after ;)

  4. Awwww don't stress too much. Try to make time to do things you enjoy. I know most girls want to take control, but designate small jobs. Kindly as the Mr. to help you.


  5. Awww ENJOY it! What I had to keep reminding myself is that once we're married, none of the stress will matter. Looking back years down the road, I won't even remember what seemed to be such an ordeal. I just smiled and made arrangements through it all. Enjoy your moment, it's gone in an instant!

  6. Focus on you and your future husband that is all that counts!! Also I took a lot of long baths in the final month- helped me relax!!

    We have all been through it so feel free to rant about it too because we know how you feel!!

  7. HAHA! Just remind yourself that after the wedding is over, these people are still going to be a part of your life so treat everyone with the mentality that you'll still want them around when you're married! Deep breaths and ENJOY this time, rather than stress through it! It seems like it's being timed now, but when it's over, you may wish you could go back in time to smell the flowers a bit more. :) Good luck!

  8. Just keep looking at the big picture and how worth it it will all be in the end to spend the rest of your life wiht the man of your dreams. I had a minor meltdown this weekend and we are still 8 months out..stay clear of me closer to the wedding! :P chin up girl, everything will turn out wonderful!

  9. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. Seriously, sleep. My biggest thing was I was not getting enough rest and I had a nervous breakdown at the rehearsal dinner haha


  10. Thanks everyone! :) You guys are so sweet! I love hearing all of your great advice! I'm much better now, I just had a bad night! You're all right, the most important thing is that I'm married at the end of the day! I just need to relax and trust that the day will be perfect! :)

  11. So glad I found your blog and have started following:)
    You need to do two things in this last month - stay calm and stay focused.

    Try and remember WHY you are getting married? It's not about the wedding at all, it's about making the decision to spend the rest of your life with the man you love, cherish and adore.

    Try remain calm amongst all the chaos that will arise - let other people get worked up and crazy but don't let it affect you directly - and if they can';t calm down, then remove yourself from them - it's a lot easier than it sounds (just be in another room or change the conversation subject).

    Enjoy these last few days, they only come around once in this lifetime and you don't want to look back and regret being too emotional, too sensitive, too pre-occupied.

    It's the most MAGICAL time in your life!
    So laugh, smile and make many happy memories

  12. Haha! That is a cute pic! I remember those times. Being a month out is hard. Sometimes I just had to relax and be by myself for a while. Just taking a few hours to watch a movie with my fiance, bake cookies, take a nap, and taking a shower were all ways to help relieve stress for me!

  13. Get the help from friends and family, but most importantly spend time with your fiance - do the small things...because that's why you fell in love in the first place right? Taking a TIME OUT - really will clear your mind, body and soul so you aren't featured on Bridezillas ;) Good luck sweetie.

  14. Just remember marriage doesn't bring happiness is a responsibility but I'm sure you will do great!God+Love is the key! I Love the picture you post its hilarious you have a great sense of humor!!=)

  15. Girl, just try to enjoy all of the moments leading up to your special day! And take time to spend with Justin, go on dates and don't talk about the wedding!! It will help you focus on the two of you and that is what is important, not the details of the wedding. Try to delegate as much as possible. Get good sleep and eat healthy so your body doesn't shut down on you! you can do it :)

  16. I planned and planned and planned for my wedding and then the day of the wedding? I didn't notice any of it! I was too distracted that I was actually married! So if things don't go your way, don't worry about it! Your wedding day will still be perfect!! Just have fun with it :)

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