Cake Pops Anyone!? {Happy Birthday Babe!}


Today was Justin's {my wonderful, loving, sweet hubby 2 be} birthday! :) I can't believe he's 24! This is the 4th year I've got to spend this special day with him! The 3 prior birthdays he has received some pretty rad gifts from me if I do say so myself. This year however, only a wedding band... BUT we're getting married, and going on an AMAZING honeymoon in one month so he'll survive! ;)
Even though he's not receiving an extravagant gift from me this year doesn't mean I let his birthday go unnoticed! {I'm not that mean.}

So I decided to spend my morning making CAKE POPS for him! :) I decided it would be fun to document the entire process because they're fun to make and it was my first time making them!

With that said, I decided to make a VLOG as well! :) {Please don't laugh, I know I'm a weirdo that is wearing an apron, (even though there was no need for one) making cake pops from a box mix... I know... I'm 'that' girl.}

 Here's How to make them! :)
Ready to make Cake Pops for my love! :)

Posing for the self timer {don't judge me haha!}

Cake Pops book & Ingredients!

You will need 3 eggs,  a box of cake mix, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cup of oil!

Mix all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl, stir/mix for 2 minutes.

Empty cake mix into large baking pan. Bake at 350 for 30-34 minutes.

After cake cools crumble cake back into mixing bowl.

Add icing of your choice to cake crumbles, mix together by hand.

Roll cake into cake balls.

You will need cake pop sticks and sprinklers if you choose to decorate.

Pretty sprinkles :)


Melt candy melts in microwave for 30 seconds,
stir and repeat until all the melts are completely melted.

Add sticks...

Dip cake pops into melted chocolate and let cool!
My first video wouldn't upload :(... so here is the second! {please excuse my hair- It's doing something crazy in the back!} He loved the cake pops and had a great birthday! :)
Thanks for watching! :)


  1. Very nice and you look so cute cooking! don't need a chair to stand on anymore!
    I love you so very much!!!

  2. Very cute & such a fun idea!!!I am going to have to try this!!

  3. I never even thought of cake pops! SO cute and SO yummy! Maybe I'll have to make a sunday dessert!! Thanks for the idea :)

  4. you did a great job! i made some for the first time last halloween! they're a blast to make but very time consuming. i like that yours were blue too. very cute :)

  5. I'm ready to see the video of your completed cake pops :)

  6. Omg you are so freaking cute!!! I feel bad that I don't do anything for my fiance's birthday...hahaha

  7. Awwww, these are adorable...and so are YOU! What a great idea. I made cake pops once and it took me awhile. Haha.

  8. i've been wanting to make these! you are too cute with your vlog :) did they turn out good and taste yummy??

  9. girl, you are too cute!! they cake pops look yummy!!

  10. Im sad my comments are never posting! dumb blogger :( anyways, LOVE them & your creativity! Hope you post more videos in the future! <3

  11. Looks so good! I may have to steal this idea sometime and suprise my bf with them! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  12. this is super cute! i tried to make these once and it didn't work out! but i'm definitely going to try again!! :)

  13. Thank you everyone! :) I had such a fun time making them! They turned out great! They're just very time consuming! :)

  14. The cakepops are so cute! I have to try this!

  15. OMG you are too stinking cute and those look amazing!! Our b-days are both coming up and we are in the same boat..we wont be giving big presents this year but we both totally understand!!!

  16. Lauren you are adorable x100! THose look awesome too! Enjoy the last 30something days, because you will never get back those pre-marriage jitters, the magical dreams of being a bride, the time you were engaged... xox!

  17. we had cakepops at our wedding and they were a hit! we looked at that book as well (:

  18. mmmmdo they taste just like the ones from star bucks??

  19. Cake pops I loveeeeee them and I will make it for my daughters birthday.

    I love baking cakes and stuff this is my dutch cake blog

  20. I love reading your blog, I am new to the 'blogging world'. I have always been curious how these were made, now I will definitely have to try them out! Thank you :)

  21. WOW! I love your blog, I am new reader of your blog, actually I was seeing pics how to make pops but suddenly I watched Video, It was such a great tutorials. Thanks For this recipe. I will sure make it again.

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