Bridal Shower #2!


So I would like to start off by saying...
I have the best family in the entire world.
{both sides

Not only did I get the privilege of being blessed with 1 shower, I got to experience 2!
Let me tell you, they were everything I could have ever hoped or dreamed of!
'Picture Perfect' Is the phrase I would use to describe them both!

So let me give you the run down of Shower #2!

Before I even pulled on to my aunts street I knew there was a party!
There were turquoise and black balloons flying in the wind!
When we walked inside everything was decorated in our wedding colors
and the food looked absolutely FABULOUS!
{Warning- my pictures might make you hungry}
This shower was Bed, Bath & Decor themed!
So needless to say, we now have almost everything we need.
On the invitations my aunt asked everyone to bring a pantry item
to "stock the pantry" along with a recipe to share with me!
That was one of my favorite parts about the shower.
I got so many great recipes!
{Now if I can only become domesticated... lol.}
In my mom's card, she gave me my grandma and papaw's recipes
that were handwritten by them.
{I'm beginning to think she likes seeing me cry at my showers?} 
Basically the day was PERFECT!
 Both of my aunts did a phenomenal job!
I couldn't have planned it better myself! I'm so blessed to have such a loving and giving family who supports and loves me unconditionally.
Words can't express my gratitude!

  Okay sorry if I rambled...
here's the pictures! :)


Loved the door sign!

Fruit Kabobs :)

Brownies & Jello hearts!

Mini Strawberry Cheescakes!

Meat & Cheese!
Punch table!

Barbie & Ken :)

My pretty bridesmaids... minus 4!
New red apron!
Red bowls!

Beautiful flowers my flower girls brought me! :)

My friend Krista made this herself! {That's our new last name!}

Beautiful picture my grandma got us!

More laundry supplies! {Thanks Mom!}

A few of my pantry items!

1 of my new recipes! :)


  1. Looks like such a great shower! Love how all of the food is displayed!! Cute cute! And congrats!!

  2. Love it!! So jealous!! I can't wait until my shower!! You look too cute!

  3. Looks like so much fun and a great day! Congrats!

    I"m a new follower! :)

  4. What a beautiful shower and you looked gorgeous! I will be having three showers so I am already overwhelmed at the thought of being the center of attention times three!!!

  5. awww you are very blessed! I just love your wedding colors btw.

  6. You are SO gorgeous!! And definitely blessed! Looks like a great shower!

  7. You look ever so cute and I love all the fun stuff you are very lucky!! :-)

  8. aw this looks like so much fun! thanks for stopping by my blog! you are adorable! following now :)

  9. TWO showers? Oh my that is the luckiest thing! xox!

  10. Looks like an amazing shower!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post :) Good luck with your wedding planning!!!! Can you believe how fast it is all going?

  11. This shower looks great! I got a bunch of pantry supplies at one shower, and that was seriously the best! Some of the staples (vanilla, baking soda & powder) have lasted me until now - 10 months! At another shower I got recipes and I love having recipes from people I know are good cooks!

  12. Thanks guys!!! :) It was a wonderful shower!! I loved everything about it! Everything is going by so fast! Now all that I have left is the bachelorette party! Then it's the wedding! :)

  13. Such a beautiful shower! The food looks delicious:-) I love your dress too! I've been practically living in maxi dresses this summer. xoxo

  14. Your dress is so gorgeous! That color looks great on you :)
    mmm...and that fruit looks so good!

  15. Looks like a great shower!! Love your dress! You are so pretty! You are going to be a gorgeous bride! I don't know if I have mentioned before but we got married August 28th (last year), so our anniversary's will be realllllyyyy close! haha! Oh & I still have cleaning supplies from our showers! We def was loaded up! So helpful!!

  16. darling, I'm in love with your dress! and congrats on very soon becoming a wifey ;)


  17. Looks so much fun! Great decorations, yummy food, and you look so beautiful! Love your dress :)

  18. Thank you guys SO much!!! I love all of your sweet comments! :) They make my day!

  19. your shower looks like it was so much fun! you look SO cute (i love your hair curled like that) and you got some great gifts :)

  20. Hi there! I'm new to your blog and I think it's adorable! I love this dress you have on... where is it from?

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