Wedding Nightmares?


See this girl below...
that is me
every night
in my
Great question.
Every night for the past week I've been having wedding nightmares.
I seriously don't have the slightest clue why.
My relationship with my fiance is close to perfect.
Planning is running smoothly, {I'm actually ahead of the game according to!}
I have everything booked and almost everything paid for...
I don't get it?

Every dream starts out with me at our church. I start getting ready and everything starts going wrong! My makeup artist doesn't show, the CD with our music doesn't work, my veil isn't anywhere to be found, the slide show skips half our pictures... so on and so forth.
I'm just crying the entire day?

So I ask...
Is this NORMAL?
I think hope it's just the stress of a huge day, new changes and a new way of life.
Has anyone else experienced this? Please reassure me I'm not the only one!

On a positive note-
I bought my veil today!!!
So maybe the veil part of the nightmare will go away! {fingers crossed.}
I decided to go with a cathedral veil!
I absolutely LOVE IT!

(Cathedral Length Veil, 3 Tiers with Pencil Edge and scattered Rhinestones.)
{This picture does not do justice!}

I would love to hear back from all my followers & bride 2 be friends!
Is this common?

PS- If you haven't seen the movie Bridesmaids, it is a MUST SEE!
I cracked up the entire movie!

Thanks for listening!


  1. girl...we all go through it. i think it's just that we want everything to be perfect and make sure that all our hard work doesn't go unnoticed. even though you may be ahead of the game, subconsciously you may still be freaking out that your wedding is only a few months away. it's perfectly normal though. don't worry :)

  2. I think you having nightmares about your wedding is absolutely normal. You're probably more stressed than what you realize....just because it's alot of work to put into a wedding. I promise your wedding day will not turn out like your nightmare. It's going to be the best day of your life! Make sure you take a deep breath and take in every single moment of it because it flys by so fast!

    --Stacey Yarbrough--

  3. Completely normal. I had nightmares up until 2-3 days before our wedding!

  4. It's totally and completely normal! I used to have nightmares, too. Never about my husband...but always about something not showing up or something collapsing. Haha.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog- it's adorable! now following :) I hope you'll stop by mine and stay a while :)

  6. Thanks guys! You all made me feel SO much better! :)

  7. Hi sweetie! This is sooooooo normal. I had nightmares for months - turning up at the ceremony naked and my dress being see through were two consistent ones! Hmmm....
    It's a way for the brain to process everything you are going through and your desire to make sure everything is perfect. And it will be!

  8. Lauren! I love yout blog! I seriously just read every post up until this one! You are just a beautiful bride! i'd love to talk wedding with you! and having as a guest post of my blog! :) Have a great day!


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