Play That Funky MUSIC White Boy...


Why is this my blog title?
Why is this song stuck in my head?
If I had to guess...
It's probably because I have music on the brain!
{yes, I know... my mind went that far!}
I want a phenomenal play list for our wedding!
I need help! :)

My DJ is letting us create our entire play list...
1 word,

We both like every type of music, {country, pop, rock...etc.}
We really want a good mix and a lot of variety!
I want our dance floor to be elbow to elbow the entire night!

 I have the basics covered.

Our fist dance- From This Moment {Shania Twain & Bryan White}
Father daughter dance- Butterfly Kisses {Bob Carlisle}
Bridal party entrance- I Got a Feeling {Black Eyed Peas}
Slide show song- My Bestfriend {Tim McGraw} or Honeybee {Blake Shelton}

The basic songs were easy! I need more dancing music!
What are your favorite songs?!

At the ceremony we're having a duet sung called
'When I Said I do' {Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black.}
I'm coming  into the traditional, 'Here Comes The Bride'
and my bridesmaids are walking down to 'Marry Me' {Train.}
I'm still in need of a song for our grandparents...
as well as another song to play during part of the ceremony!

I need a mix of songs for my bridesmaid dance!!! :)

So if you guys can think of any suggestions I would really appreciate it!
I'm at a loss for tunes...

I know no matter what type of music we play, our reception will be rock'n!
I can't wait to see everything lit up and to dance the night away under the stars!
Our beautiful venue! :)



  1. I love so many of your decisions!! Great choices! For dancing music I would recommend a mix of your current favs, motown, and 80's. You want to play songs that everyone knows to keep the floor packed all night long. My band was Rich Posmoniter and they have a GREAT set list on their website... we went through the list and picked a ton music.

  2. Wedding music has been on my mind too lately. My wedding is a full year away still and I already have all of the church music planned. Now I just need to focus on the reception music. Easy enough? ehh not too sure about that!


  3. Thanks guys! :) I didn't think it would be that hard! I think a good mix of music will work the best! :)

  4. What a beautiful place to have a reception! I can't wait to see the pictures you post so I can see how yall fixed it up!

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