It's nothing but FUN from here!


Well we've reached the 3 month marker!
I can hardly believe it!
Where does the time go?
I'll be a bride in 2 months and 4 weeks... AH!
The hard stuff is over now...
It's nothing but FUN from here!

Shower #2, bachelorette party, hair & makeup trial run,
bridal party sleepover, bridal session, rehearsal practice/dinner & bowling, WEDDING,
RECEPTION, day after photo shoot, HONEYMOON...
The list goes on and on!

I'm just so happy and excited everyday!

Today I was at the Greene {an outside shopping center} with my wonderful
fiance and his family and we saw a group of girls in a decorated car!
The car window said "Steer clear, there's a bride coming through!"
It also had a flag flying from the car saying "I'm the bride!"
When the girls got out they were glammed up from head to toe
in 'bachelorette' attire! They looked SO cute!
I keep wondering what my MOH has up her sleeve...

Whatever she does, I know it will be one fabulous party!

Well anyways! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!
I love sharing my excitement with all of my bride friends and everyone of my followers!
Enjoy being engaged and planning as long as you can!
It goes by SO fast!

Happy Memorial Day! :)


  1. You sound super excited!!! It will go so fast so enjoy every minute!!

  2. Thanks girl! :) I am so excited!!! How many more days do you have?!

  3. It's getting closer and closer!!!

    I am so glad you like reading my blog, yours is fabulous as well!! :)

  4. Accidentally submitted before I was ready!!
    WOW, 17 IBS!! I can't believe Camden has become such a chunky monkey! He's such a mess... He is feeling a little better. He won't leave my side when I am home... poor baby:(

    We should be in the house middle/end of July! Should have posted that already... bad blogger me! :)

    Have a wonderful week girl!

  5. Thank you!!! :) You're so sweet!!! I'll be praying for your kitty! :( I bet you're so excited about your HOUSE! AH! :)


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