Cheers to a GREAT week!


How's everyone's week going?
Mine is going absolutely wonderful!
The family I nanny for took a week off to take the kids to Disney!
So that means I'm off for a full week too! My weekend was AH-MAZING, to say the least. Last Thursday my fiance and I headed down south to the hills of KY, {literally, HILLS} to visit my father-in-law to be! Friday we headed to the horse races at Kenneland! {It was my first horse race ever!} I told Justin on the drive down there that I was going to bet on a white horse! Guess who's horse won first place? MINE! :) Saturday was such a relaxing and peaceful day at the farm! It was 75 degrees and gorgeous out! {Nothing like Ohio's weather!} I got to ride a horse for the first time! I was so scared at first, but after I started riding a little bit I was in love! Did I mention they had 2 Great Dane puppies? I played with them the entire time we were down there! His dad offered to give us one, but we don't have enough room for a Dane at our new house! {Heartbreaking, I know.}

I thought I was going to fall off! :)


Double trouble! Seriously, could they be more adorable?

When Justin and I got back Sunday night it was back to work for him on
Monday and back to 'WEDDING' work fun for me!
This week I've gotten so much stuff knocked off my 'to do' list and it feels great! 
Monday I worked on the invitation wording and took the card stock to be printed!
Tuesday I spent the rest of the day working on the budget and the menu cards! Then Tuesday night I decided I needed a little break from the madness!
My girlfriends and I went out to Elrancho Grande for dinner to celebrate my 20th birthday! {They sang to me, clearly!} Today was my actual birthday and I spent it getting even more things done! I picked up our invitation card stock! {They turned out great!} Then I went to go get my new tags, and turn in my passport application! I can't believe in less than 4 months I'll be married and lying on a beach somewhere!
I also can't believe I've been engaged an entire year today!

Where does the time go?
It's already Thursday as of twenty minutes ago!
This has been a wonderful week off and just what I needed!
I hope the rest of the week is just as splendid.
Cute right?





  1. happy birthday! i'm glad to hear you had so much fun with the horses and the puppies. sounds like a lovely time!

  2. Thank you!!! :) It was so much fun!

  3. thanks for saying hello! Those puppies are too cute!!!! happy engagement anniversary!

    God Bless!

  4. Happy Birthday! Happy engagaversary!! Way cute little puppies!

  5. I am a new follower!!!

    OMG great dane puppies!!! Love them!!

    Feel free to pop by my blog to say hello sometime!

  6. Lauren those pups are TOO cute!!!!!!!!!
    Love the blog. I'd like to talk with you about a opportunity. What is the best way to contact you?
    Glowing Bride xo

  7. Thanks! You can contact me best at :)

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