DIY BRIDE! {You're Invited!}


So I don't know if many people know the average cost of a wedding nowadays, but take it from this bride2be they are EXPENSIVE! When you start the planning process your mind is on a million different things. The last thing you think of is how much everything is going to cost!

With the wedding being only 4 months away I began to experience NBS {Nervous Bride Syndrome!} I was seriously panicking about our wedding invitations! So I told Justin we needed to figure out something quick!

A fellow bride2be told me she got all of her wedding invitation supplies at Michaels, so of course that was our first stop! They had everything you could possibly think of for making your own invites! I've always been crafty & I love to bedazzle anything so I think making my own wedding invites are right up my alley! It sure beats paying $500+ for someone else to make them for you!

So ladies...

If I can be a DIY bride so can you! J


  1. Ah, I am horrible at being artsy. I definitely want to try to pull off getting invites and whatnot from Michaels and doing it myself for my wedding when the time comes, but I'm a bit skeptical on my abilities. Hah. But I'm sure yours will look great! Good luck! :)

  2. yay! you'll have to show us the final product ;)

  3. Wedding costs are ridiculous! We set a budget and exceeded it by about $15,000! I will say though, I should have done more projects like you are doing on your invitations! Great idea and they look gorgeous!! Good luck girl!

  4. Jessica thanks so much!! :) I know you'll do great!! :) & I'll post a picture of the final product as soon as they're done! :)
    Natalie, I feel ya! Everything is outrageous in price! I never knew I had the ability to do stuff like this!
    Thank you all so much! :)

  5. Yes weddings are crazy expensive... it's so insane how much prices are when you just say the magic word: "wedding". We went the DIY route for wedding invites too. I used a %40 off coupon for Michaels and bought a kit that looks a lot like yours. It's the way to go when you want to save some cash! Try not to stress over details too much. (I know, easier said than done right?)

  6. Oh my goodness! We got the %40 off too! How crazy haha?! I bet yours looked awesome! :) I hope everyone likes mine!

  7. Just found your blog, too cute! My Maid of Honor & I made the invitations for our wedding too! Def cheaper!! :)

  8. Awh thank you!! :) I'm following you now too! :)


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