Never give up your fight- Love you Gramma


As a child you never think of all the bad or sadness in the world, you only see the good. You live your life day to day doing whatever makes you happy & only worrying about who's there to make you happy.

Growing up I've realized that life isn't everything my child mind made it out to be.  Life can bring sadness & heartache... but I've also realized that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.

My sweet Gramma is now facing her 5th battle with cancer.
I know that once again she will beat this awful disease, but in the mean time she can use all the prayers and positive support she can get. She is one of the biggest influences in my life. She's strong, powerful & determined. She strives for a better tomorrow and she never lets cancer stand in her way. I don't know what I would do with out her in my life. My love for her can't be expressed with words.

So please let her know she's not alone during all this.
Prayers never go unanswered.

I love you Gramma, always & forever.
God will give you the strength to keep fighting.
You're my hero :)


  1. Oh Lauren, what a beautiful post! I'm praying for your Gramma every single day. She is a beautiful, strong, resilient, caring and wonderful woman - and I know she will beat this terrible disease yet again! Will and I will be supporting her every step of the way, always ready to lend a hand, cook some dinner, drive to doctor's appointments or simply visit for hours on end :) We love you and her (heck, we love your whole family!) very much! Stay strong, Jean! We're here for you!!

  2. Thank you SO much Krista! You & Will are a blessing in more ways then one! I appreciate everything you do for her! Me & the family love you both very much! :)

  3. Thank you Lauren, you and the rest of the precious people I love so very much are what keeps me going! I don't think I can ever give up just for that reason!
    I love you bunches and bunches and I hope you have a granddaughter that brings you as much joy as you have brought me!!!

    P.S. This site will only let me post as anon but I signed up a long time ago???


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