Wedding JUMBO!


Lately I've been super busy... busy enough to not have time for blogging {sad I know.} However due to the ice storm last night it looks like I have entire day just to be lazy and maybe get some things done. :) So I guess I'll tell you the scoop & keep everyone up to date with some "Wedding Jumbo!" {I call it 'jumbo' because wedding plans are never simple- everything is always big!} Just like everything else in the world! Anyone can jumbo their order... for just $.50 more (or in my case a little more than $.50!) I guess my new wedding motto is 'Go BIG or Go to Gatlinburg!'

Last Tuesday we met with our florist! Luckily with my dad (being the way he is) knows everyone! He got us a great connection with his old customers from Hills and Dales Florist! Justin my dad & I began talking with her about what I {the BRIDE} wanted?... Like always I never know how to express what I want vocally. I have to see a visual picture to compare it to what’s going on in my head! She was obviously prepared for brides like me! She had two HUGE books full of beautiful wedding bouquets, centerpieces, buttoners, corsages, table arrangements etc. I never knew how important flowers were until last Tuesday. Flowers really do complete a wedding! With that said, our next big project is to put together a visual image of what we want the bridal party, church & reception hall to look like! So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would love to have HELP! :)

As far as progress goes-
We're pretty ahead of the game! I have my dress & bridesmaids' dresses ordered, church, venue, florist & photographer all booked! We still need a DJ & someone to do our wedding cake! :) Save the Dates are being ordered before the end of the week so they will be out in the mail shortly! February 27th marks the 6 month countdown! Lots to do but I wouldn't trade planning for anything! :) So good luck to all you brides out there!

For more info about our wedding check out our wedding website! :


  1. she did my cake and is that dj I was telling you about we loved him! He's a retired cop maybe he will give u a cop discount and job referral! <3 Stephanie

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