Bride & Bridesmaids Photo Shoot!!!


So between me having an obsession with pictures and also wanting to embrace every single moment of being a BRIDE... I decided today it would be a great idea to get all my wonderful bridesmaids together and have a "Bride & Bridesmaids Photo Shoot!"

Seriously how fun does that sound!?

The lady I model for from time to time said she would LOVE to do a Bride/Bridesmaid photo shoot! I have about a million ideas racing through my head, {what to wear, what props to use, how we should wear our hair, etc.} I thought it would be super cute if we all wore 'Bride & Bridesmaid' tanks & bright feathered boas! :)

I've been checking out lots of photos for inspiration, but I would love to hear suggestions, themes or fun & creative ideas you might have!

Can you tell I'm the happiest & luckiest 'BRIDE2BE' ever?

Check out the website for shirt recommendations also! :)


  1. What I had planned for the original shoot we had a sleepover set up with a bed pink sheets big pillows with feathers and such and make it look like a sleepover. We could all get plain white boy underwear or boy shorts and we can write bride or future Mrs. Fondaw on your butt with some jewels and then the girls can do the same with bridesmaid or team bride or something cute and do like tube socks and tanks... you could do a progressive shoot where we start out in the pjs and even maybe do shots where we're all doing each others hair and makeup and then end the photo shoot with everyone dressed in a super cute outfit... like go out clothes maybe all black dresses or jeans and a corset and all the hair and make up done up glam style as if you were documenting us getting ready to go out or celebrate <3 Stephanie

  2. This just came to me, I don't know if Lisa has a traveling studio but if she could do the shoot actually in your bedroom it would be super cute and very personal plus its a lot of props you don't have to bring with you.

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions :) I already told you what I thought! :)


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