6 Months


6 Months from today...
I will have butterflies.
I will see my daddy cry.
I will be all dressed in white.
I will be wearing something borrowed & something blue.
I will laugh & I will cry.
I will walk down an isle to music playing, 'here comes the bride'.
I will make a promise & recite my vows.
I will cry happy tears.
I will say I do.
I will marry my best friend.
I will be married in the church where I grew up & where my parents wed.
I will hug my momma.
I will dance with my daddy.
I will kiss my husband.
I will eat lots of cake.
I will see all our family & friends.
I will have a new last name.
6 Months from today...
I' will experience the best day of my entire life.



  1. This is so, so sweet! I hope your wedding day is filled with nothing but bliss, beauty, true love and sheer happiness! Love you!

  2. Awh thanks Krista!!! :) It's going to be such a special day!!! I love you!!! :)

  3. Beautiful words! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

  4. Oh I loved this post! So many exciting things to look forward to! Try and enjoy every minute because it goes by fast!!!

  5. Thanks so much! :) How long have you been married?! Wedding planning is the best thing ever! :)

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