Bargain Hunters!


With a wedding coming up and a new house in the works we are always on operation SAVE! So far everything we've gotten for our house has been either talked down in price, discounted, on sale or dirt cheap. I'm not trying to brag, but if I do say so myself we've gotten some pretty nice things for our house with out breaking the bank! Justin and I set out on a mission to find Christmas decor for our house next year! Much to our surprise we found fabulous deals that we couldn't resist! We saved a grand total of $96 and have the cutest stuff to show for it!

How much do you think we spent?! :)

Tree ornaments & bows :)

Christmas plates, pot holders, coffee hot chocolate mugs, candle holders,
candy jar & a cat scratcher for Binx!

Behind the bows are two mini trees priced at $18.50 we got them for $4.50!


Our house is going to be so festive next year!
Grand total : $29
Having so much fun bargain hunting with the love of my life : Priceless :)

PS: I'm pretty sure a Christmas Party at our house next year will be necessary!


  1. What great bargains you got!!!

  2. Thank you!!! we lucked out!!! :)

  3. This is awesome! Gotta love the deals after Christmas for Christmas decorations. I never buy anything though because I'm all depressed that Christmas is over! LOL. But you got such a good deal, I think this year I'll check out those sales :P

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