Nanny Confessions!


Believe it or not... being a Nanny is harder than it looks! Yeah I get to play with three adorable kids all day, but its ALL day! In the winter days run together! Especially when they're not allowed to watch TV or movies!!! It's arts, crafts, projects, games, racing cars, reading books, etc. (the list goes on & on!) They keep me busy & on my toes! Today I decided to have them make Frosty & Rudolph out of household materials! {TIS THE SEASON!} So if anyone has any recommendations for staying busy or craft ideas I would be more than joyful to read feedback! :)


  1. Are they allowed to eat sweets? I have a few cute winter cookie/cupcake decorating crafts that are fun and easy for kids! Do they celebrate Christmas? If so, they can make ornaments for the tree! Or you could have them create an "end-of-year calendar" with things they want to do before the end of the year. Just have them choose one special thing to do each day between now and Dec. 31st -- it can be simple things like "help make dinner," "compliment every member of my family" or "paint a winter picture." I've done this with my little sister before and she really enjoyed it -- plus it gave us something to talk about every day!

  2. Thanks Krista!!!! :) I didn't know you were a blogger?! I can view your profile but it wont let me see your blog?! They can't eat sweets, but everything else sounds like GREAT ideas!!! I'm so excited to try them with the kids!!! Also do you use twitter!? If so what is your account under?! Love ya! Thanks again! :)


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