Why Blog, better question why NOT blog?!
Why I blog :
Blogging is the perfect opportunity for me to show others all the fun & exciting things that are happening in my life at the moment!

It's my online diary-
Years from now I can look back and have a visual memory of what I was doing on any particular day. I can look back and see all of my wedding ideas & housing plans and hopefully help others!

It's a stress reliever-
Blogging about my life gets all the stored information out of my head & on to the PC.

It allows me to meet new people-
I love reading other "bride2be's" blogs as well as mothers, wives, bakers etc. It gives me daily tips on life and the ability to learn from others experiences.

{Last but not least}

It makes me happy-
For some reason telling others about my life, experiences and thoughts makes me smile :)

I encourage everyone to try blogging! :) you won't regret it! I promise!


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