Love & Respect


Ephesians 5:33 :)
In order for Justin and I to get married at our church we've been assigned by our minister Rich to read this book together (Love & Respect.) It's split up into sections, the first part of the book is called "The Crazy Cycle" (Justin & I read this part of the book together.) Part 2 is called the "Energizing Cycle." Justin reads this part (COUPLE- closeness, openness, understanding, peacemaking, loyalty & esteem {How to Spell Love to Your Wife}.) The section I read on my own is called (CHAIRS-{How to Spell Respect to Your Husband} conquest, hierarchy, authority, insight, relationship & sexuality.) The last part of the book we finish together it's called the "Rewarded Cycle!" After each section we meet and talk about how we can relate to the book and how it's helping us with our relationship. I'm so excited about reading it! Today we read 30 pages together! I'm looking forward to learning a lot from it and making our relationship even stronger than it already is! :)

-Another great book I've been reading is Before You Plan Your Wedding... Plan Your Marriage. It's a great book on relationships and basic marital issues. It's written by the christian author Richard Smalley.


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