9 months... counting my blessings.


If I had to describe my life in one word it would be joyful.   I wake up every day happier than the day before.  Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am.  I have the best Fiancé any woman could ever ask for, a family that means the whole world to me, a wonderful house that we’re making our own, 2 great pets, good health, and a great job and last but not least a Lord and Savior that is unstoppable.  
Justin and I are so blessed that we had the opportunity to buy our house and that we have family that truly supports us in everything we do. Without our family we wouldn’t have nearly what we have.  Our new home is everything we could have hoped for! It’s a great first home! I thank God everyday for my loving family & new house.
With 9 months to go we have a lot going on! Wedding planning gets better every day! Tonight Justin and I had a meeting with our wedding coordinator! Our church is booked!J Justin was such a good sport while we talked about (decorations, lighting, music, etc.) and has been through the whole process so far! He’s wonderful!J I feel like it was yesterday when he proposed. I can’t believe in 9 months I’ll be his wife…
I hope the next 9 months bring even more joy into our lives than it already has… my goals are to stay motivated and focused and on budget! It should be a lot easier now with Justin being employed again! (Again another thing to praise Jesus about!) I’m so glad to have God in my life and have God in our relationship. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for our future together!


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