Sunday, March 16, 2014

MagnetStreet Sweepstakes!

Friends, today is your lucky day!! My amazing sponsor MagnetStreet is hosting an outstanding sweepstakes! You can have the chance to win 150 Rectangle Invitations with coordinating Enclosure & RSVP Cards!! How amazing right?!! And every design can be easily personalized in YOUR colors!  
Anyone can enter and it's SUPER easy!! 

Here are the steps-
-To access the Sweepstakes entry form, participants must be fans of MagnetStreet FB Page (users will see this when they access the Sweepstakes)
-To be eligible to win, participants must be 18 or older, live in Canada or the US, (They do not ship outside of those areas) and complete the entry form.
-Sweepstakes ends 3/27, and 5 random winners will be contacted via email on 3/28. They'll also post a list of winners to their Facebook page on 3/28 after winners have been emailed.
-One entry per Facebook user.

So with all that said just click this LINK to enter!!

Also, make sure to follow them on Twitter & Instagram!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vaca Recap!

Where do I even begin... we got back home Saturday night from the most AH-mazing vaca ever!! :) Seriously it was like a week of Heaven! We went on a Carnival Cruise {Freedom Ship} to Key West, The Grand Cayman Islands & Ocho Rios Jamaica! 

In Key West we rented a speed boat for the day and just jumped in the ocean at our leisure! It was beyond fabulous! I soaked up some major rays that day and boarded the ship a little crispy to say the least! We even found a Starfish in the ocean! 

In The Grand Cayman's we rented snorkel gear and just hung out on the beach for the day! It was so nice to just lay there and relax without a care in the world! I absolutely LOVED the beach there! The water was SO clear! While we were on the beach a lady lost her wedding ring so my hubby put his snorkel mask on and found it for her! None of us could believe he found it! In return her husband bought us Long Island Iced Teas to say thank you! :) Before we headed back to the ship we did a little shopping and sight seeing! This was probably my favorite day of the trip!

In Jamaica we signed up to do a two-in-one excursion! We climbed Dunn's Waterfall and went to our own private beach where Reggae music was played and food + drinks were endless! I'm pretty sure I heard the phrase, "YA MON!" every five seconds. No exaggeration!

The days we spent at sea were great too and SO relaxing! I spent my time hanging out on the top deck basking away in the sun while drinking a margarita {or two!} The guys spent a ton of time eating, playing basketball or in the casino! The food, drinks, shows, DJ, dance parties and entertainment were absolutely phenomenal! 

I would recommend this ship and cruise to anyone! We had a GREAT time! Okay- sorry for the wordy recap, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Enza Review!

I've been getting a lot of questions/compliments on my skin lately! Everyone keeps asking what products I'm using! Today I'm happy to share them with you!! :) 

Have you guys heard of Enza? If not you HAVE to check them out! They're a phenomenal skin care company!! They were nice enough to send me a few products to try out like their incredible face & lip mask! 

Can I just say MIRACLE worker. . . !
Their products leave your skin feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated it's unreal! 

They also have products for ALL skin types! Did I mention they're giving all of my readers/followers a 50% OFF discount!!! :) Pretty awesome right?! Just use the code: WIFESTYLES at checkout! 

Head on over and give them a try! Trust me you and your skin will thank me later!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meet Steffie!

Hey friends! Today I want you to meet a new blogging friend of mine! She's awesome and has the cutest blog! Make sure to go show her some love and make her feel welcome! :) 
Hey y’all! I’m Steffie from The Delmonico Diaries
I’m so excited to be sponsoring Wifestyles! Lauren truly has a gift for blogging and I learn so much from her. I’m a 20 something newlywed from San Antonio Texas who loves all things southern! I love sweet tea, country roads, George Strait, and most of all, my husband! You will never see me without a tea or diet coke in my hand! I love reading new blogs so make sure to comment or follow me so I can check out your blog.  I’m still new to the blogging world but I am finally getting the hang of it all.  You will find anything and everything on my blog. I will be doing blogs about Pintrest projects, my fur babies, my marriage, beauty tips and just my life in general! I tend to be an open book so feel free to ask me anything. I look forward to meeting y’all and make sure to show Lauren some love <3

Monday, February 10, 2014

Eighteen Days!

Eighteen Days until we're on our way to a tropical paradise! I don't think I've ever been more excited for a vacation! I mean negative temps & endless snow... NOT FOR ME! I tell my husband just about everyday I either want to move or that I was born in the wrong state. I literally can NEVER get warm! No matter how many layers or heated blankets I'm still cold somehow. Ahhhh... this countdown is the only thing keeping my sanity! Winter Blues are FO-real! 

So today I thought I would share some of my beach essentials & outfit inspirations!
 photo beachessentials_zps2b51257c.jpg
How cute is this outfit?! Perfect for a day at the beach! 
 photo sunny1_zps783f55b9.jpg 
This outfit would be perfect for a shopping day off the ship! 
 photo sunny2_zps834ecd00.jpg 
You can't go wrong with a black maxi! This would be perfect for dinner! 
 photo sunny3_zpsc823a99e.jpg

I basically have all my outfits planned out already! I'm SOOOOO excited! :) Can you tell?! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Real Talk

Good morning frannnns :) I had a different post planned for today but I thought I would keep it "REAL" over here on the blog today! 

Do you guys ever feel that when your life is going in a good direction that you always have those little things/negative people trying to rain on your parade? I've been receiving quite the plethora of hateful, anonymous {imagine that} comments lately. 

The comments are basically regarding my blog "fake-ness!" According to Miss Anonymous, I fail to blog about anything real, I portray my life as perfect and dedicate all my posts to my sponsors. 

I guess they weren't stalking these posts when I shared about our struggles in 2013, our devastating miscarriage story or where we found out that my MIL's cancer was back.

Basically the moral of this post was not to vent but to let my anonymous critic know that I will be praying for them. My heart truly goes out to them. I mean seriously who has time in their day to sit at home, stalk my blog and make multiple, fake twitter/blog accounts just to leave me nasty comments? 

I'm sorry that 2014 is off to a great start and that my happiness makes you act out in a negative way. I will continue to write and share what I want on MY blog! 

I will be back tomorrow to share an upbeat post about our upcoming vaca! :)
 photo haters_zps55d70818.jpg

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Dress

 Do you guys have any fun plans for Valentine's Day yet?!! Every year my hubby and I make a point to go out and celebrate! We usually make reservations to a nice restaurant and go see a chick flick movie! I don't know about you guys but I've always been a sucker for this "Hallmark" holiday! 

With that being said, It usually takes me awhile to shop around for the perfect V-day dress to wear... but not this year!! As soon as I saw this stunning, bright pink dress from UOIONLINE I knew it was the one!! I was so happy when their company decided to have me do a product review! :) I mean how perfect is this dress?? The back just makes it complete! 
Necklace| Riffraff 
Glasses| Ray-Ban 
Shoes| Dots 
Not only does UOIONLINE have the cutest dresses but they also have footwear, swimwear, accessories and new, fun arrivals all the time! If you're looking for a new affordable place to shop this boutique is the right place to go! Did I mention they offer FREE shipping on orders over $40?

You can LIKE them on FB HERE & follow them on Instagram {@UOIONLINE}
Get to shopping!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bachelor Talk

Let's talk The Bachelor shall we? Who are your favorites so far?? I have my four favorites narrowed down {as of right now anyways!} You never know with this show... they could check into crazy town at any given time! More drama ='s better ratings!

Oh hey. . . JUAN PABLO!
So lets begin with Nikki-
Not only is she beautiful, she's also SUPER sweet and loves kids! She just seems like, "the girl next door" type to me! Wifey material in my book! I think she will be in the top 3 for sure! 
Then we have Clare-
Does anyone else think she resembles Kristen Bell?! I think she's stunning and has a great personality! I can see her going to the top 3 too! As long as she doesn't let her emotions get in the way!
There's also Andi-
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She's smart and very classy/modest! She does however seem a little too reserved at times though! She also seems super wrapped up in her career but I can still see her making it pretty far! 
Last but not least, Chelsie- 
After her one-on-one date she won me over!! I love her quirky and fun personality! She seems like a very genuine person that is up for anything! I thought her and Juan Pablo really had a lot of "chemistry!" 
Moving right along to the crazies. . . Sharleen-
Does anyone else find this girl a little odd?! I don't know if crazy is the right word or not but she's just STRANGE! Did anyone else find that kiss that her and Juan Pablo shared on the field SO awkward to watch?! She seems like a sweet girl, just very different! Not someone I could ever picture him ending up with! 
I also thought the "free spirit" girl should go even though she was pretty entertaining to watch! I also really like Cassandra but she's SO shy!!! I don't know if she will be around that long due to her being so soft spoken! What are your thoughts?!! I would love to hear them!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun Linkups

SO I decided to partner up with a few of my favorite blog/Instagram girlfiends and create some super fun linkups to do every Tuesday and Wednesday! 

On Tuesdays my friend Nicole and I made an Instagram linkup where we share our favorite and most recent Target finds with you guys!! Anyone can linkup using our hashtag #targettuesday and sharing a new/favorite item or find! We would absolutely LOVE for you to join us this week! This is a picture of my Target finds from last week! {Faux fur vest, flannel & new nail polish!} GO linkup!! 

On Wednesdays my blog friend Kaitlyn and I host another Instagram link up called #wifelifelinkup ! Each week Kaitlyn and I come up with a new theme/prompt! Last weeks theme was "something sweet for your husband!" Where everyone was encouraged to share a picture of something sweet they did for their husband that day! It has turned out to be a HUGE hit! We've had SO many women linkup with us so far! 
 photo wifelifelogo_zpsdabcc7cc.jpg
If you ladies are looking to meet other women that have similar interests please participate in our linkups!! They're so fun and a great way to inspire and encourage one another! 

Find us on Instagram HERE: 
Kaitlyn- @wifessionals 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sailing To Paradise!

In 44 days we will be on our way to Paradise!! :) We will be taking our second Carnival Cruise and I don't think I could be more excited!! AHHH!! Can March 2nd be here already?!! We will be cruising {on the Carnival Freedom} to Key West, Jamaica and The Grand Cayman Islands! A week full of sunshine, beautiful beaches and family time is calling my name! I can't wait to soak up all that SUN!
Our last cruise in 2007 sailed to Key West and the Bahamas but not to Jamaica or the Grand Cayman Islands! So both of those will be a new adventure! :) {All recommendations and suggestions welcomed!!!}

Here is a little preview of our ship!
 photo carnivalcollage_zps845dfd0a.jpg
I'm very excited and thankful for this opportunity to get away! :) This is our first "beach" vaca since our honeymoon to Maui! I would love to hear any travel tips from you guys!! 
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