Thursday, February 4, 2016

Minted Special

Have you guys ever heard of minted? If not, you need to check out their amazing site! They are a company that provides personalized stationary, art, and home decor! They work with  independent artists to provide fresh, new and unique items just for you! I don't know about you guys but ever since becoming a mom and a small business owner I LOVE all things personalized! I've ordered my business cards, custom stationary, art & more through this awesome company! With Valentine's Day right around the corner I knew minted was my go to shop! 

They have the cutest personalized photo cards, classroom valentines, gifts for grandparents, stickers, accessories, labels and SO much more! I ordered the cutest, personalized stickers for Liam's Valentine's Day gifts! I think they will add the perfect finishing touch to all the gifts! I can't wait to share them with you guys when they come in! 

Today is your day because they're offering an amazing deal! 



You guys don't want to miss out on these amazing deals! Make this V-day one to remember! Stay tuned to see all my personalized items this coming week!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

ThredUp Style

Oh my gosh! Have you guys ever heard of thredUP? Basically, thredUP is the easiest way to save money on great Women's and Kids' clothing brands and sell clothes for cash! They're like a consignment store, but simpler. On thredUP you can refresh your entire wardrobe online without ever leaving your house! Pretty cool right! Did I mention their prices are AMAZING and they sell all the top designer brands!? 

This year I'm all about saving money and thredUP makes it super easy! I got Liam a winter coat from Zara, two Ralph Lauren flannel shirts, a Baby Gap cardigan & a Lands End vest for what would be a total of $50 after my 40% off discount! Crazy right?! I had over $200 in savings! 

It's super simple to get rid of old clothes and save on {like-new} ones!


Browse thousands of like-new clothing items, which they have hand-selected and certified for quality. You'll find all your favorite brands discounted up to 90% off, year-round. Shop »
And, when you're done with clothing, simply fill up a thredUP bag and put it on your doorstep. thredUP covers the shipping, and pays you for every item we can sell to other families. Hand down »
Their goal is to make your life just a little bit easier!
-They eliminate the stress of deal hunting by offering consistent discounts every day.
-They also take the hassle out of bringing your kids into a store by allowing you to thredUP online.
-Last but not least they relieve that recycling guilt by helping you lighten your family’s carbon-footprint with every order.

You guys have to give it a try! You won't regret it! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Get Out Of The "Mom Funk"

Let's face it, being a mama is not for the faint-of-heart. Being a mother is the hardest job there is, hands down. Our "shift" never ends, our minds never shut off, and our hearts are no longer just our own. We have tiny humans to take care of. Seriously just think of the pressure! Our job as mothers is to raise our children to be Godly, respectful, intelligent, working members of society. If we fail we're not just failing ourselves we're failing our children too. Sometimes mommy-hood gets hard. I don't know about you guys but sometimes I can't even remember the last thing I did by myself. We are a co-sleeping, co-showering, co-EVERYTHING in this household and I love it more than anything but sometimes I just need a second of my own. We all have our bad, selfish and angry days where we think, am I even doing this thing right? 

After Liam was born I got in what I like to call a "mom funk!" I was tired, grumpy, hormonal and somewhat selfish. I felt like every second of "free time" I would get was earned and I should spend it however I pleased. I let my household duties fall behind, I spent entirely too much time glued to my phone or a reality TV show, I gained weight and I was just completely unhappy with myself. I would take out the majority of my anger on my husband and tell him constantly that he just didn't understand.  I shut him out and basically shut out the world for a short period of time. I felt alone no matter what. There are still days when I struggle which I think is only human. 

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of the things that helped me get out of my mama funk! 

1) Pray. We can't do this thing on our own. We need the good Lord's help and guidance. God is what gets me through the hardest days. He shows me patience and love and lets me know that I'm not in this thing alone. He always reassures me that I'm doing the best that I can for our son. 

2) Stop procrastinating. I can't preach this one enough! I have always been a horrible procrastinator. I dwell on things that need to get done. Now instead of dwelling, and putting them off for tomorrow, I do whatever needs to be done the second I think of it. There is truly no reason to put something off when you can accomplish it right then. Honestly the feeling of accomplishment is such a great feeling. I can enjoy my "me" time SO much more if I know all my household chores are done for the day. 

3) Exercise. I'm not talking a full body workout, just take a few minutes to dance, go for a walk, yoga etc.! You can even include your babes! Liam and I have dance parties all the time which is fun for both of us and gets my blood flowing and gives me a boost of energy! 

4) Eat better. This is something I'm still working on personally but I notice every time I eat healthy I feel better and have more energy! This one is pretty self explanatory and proven to help you in every aspect of your life! 

5) Get out of the house. I can't tell you how important getting out of the house is for my sanity! If Liam and I are in our house longer than 24hrs we go stir-crazy! It can be a quick drive to grab coffee, a trip to the mall or Target, a play date, lunch date... ANYTHING! Just get out! You will feel so much better trust me! 

6) Get ready. Take 15-20 mins for yourself! Get out of those PJs, shower, and put a little makeup on! Getting ready every single day at least makes me feel like a normal human. It's a confidence booster and makes you feel presentable.

I hope these 6 tips help all you mamas struggling to get through those long days with your littles! Try to remember the days are long but the years are short. "This too shall pass!" We're all in this together! You're doing great! :)