Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 Months

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I'm finally getting around to sharing Liam's THREE month post {three weeks late!} I literally can't believe my baby boy turned 3 months on the 11th of February! Wasn't he just in my belly like yesterday? Time is FLYING. I have SO many things I want to blog about but he kinda takes all my time these days! ;) Anyways- he is our everything! Justin and I couldn't be more in love with this sweet boy! He is changing SO much and we just love to watch him change and grow!
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Things you love:
-Your play mat! You can't get enough of that thing! You could lay there for hours! You just talk and coo like crazy looking up at all your bright toys! 
-Your "Mamaroo" Grandma & Papaw Frog bought you this and you absolutely LOVE it! 
-Bath time with mommy! We recently started co-bathing and you seem to like it even better!
-Car rides! You pass out instantly!
-Smiling and other people smiling at you! You're such a happy boy!
-Daddy's loud voice! You instantly know when he's home from work!
-Mommy's singing {or at least I like to think you like it!}
-Sleeping on your belly or on mommy's chest.
-Visiting all your grandparents!
-Books! You smile every time I read to you.

Things you hate:
-Diaper/outfit changes
-Earlier in the month you hated tummy time but now you like it a lot more!
-Gas pains 

-You are SO active! You can roll over from belly to back & back to belly! I'm beyond amazed because most babies don't start rolling over until at least 4 months!
-Your head is so strong! You can keep it up for such a long time and can sit up on your own for a few seconds without tipping over! It won't be long until you can sit up unassisted! 
-You are sleeping great throughout the night! You fall asleep between 10 and 11pm and sleep until around 6:30/7am! {Happy mama dance!}
-You're almost out of 3 month sleepers! Your feet are so big that you need 6 months! 
-You had your first Valentine's Day and believe me you are one LOVED little boy!
-I think you are cutting teeth already too! Your gums look white and you are chewing or wanting to suck on something constantly! 

You are truly the biggest blessing in our lives! Mommy and Daddy love you SO much Liam!
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

2 Months

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Oh my heart... make it stop! Time please stand still! I can't believe you're TWO months old already! How is it even possible? Liam you are growing up SO much and bring so much joy into our lives! Your looks and personality are changing like crazy and it's so fun for us to watch! You are the biggest blessing in our life! 
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Things you love:
-Eating! You're a breastfeeding champ nowadays! You would nurse all day long if you could! 
-Fans & lights! You are constantly looking up and trying to discover new things!
-Movement aka car rides, your new rocking chair or just mama & daddy bouncing you around! 
-Bath time! Last month you hated the bath but now you love it and could spend hours chilling in your tub! 
-Paci {still addicted!}
-Laying on your tummy

Things you hate:
-Gas, but who would like that? It's getting better thank goodness!
-Swaddling! You're not a fan of being "held down!"
-Getting dressed or your diaper being changed.

- You experienced your first Christmas and New Years with all your family! {Someone is extra spoiled already!}
-You smiled for the first time on December 31st {uncle Kyle's birthday/NYE} at Mommy!
-You can almost hold your head up completely! You're SO strong!
-We introduced your play-mat and you LOVE it!
-You outgrew almost all your newborn clothes and diapers, this makes mommy SO sad!!

Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see how much you change in this next month! We love you Liam!! 
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Friday, January 9, 2015

The First Two Weeks

The first 2 weeks... oh how you are SO unprepared for these 14 days. The first
two weeks are a whole lot of positives and negatives all at once. You're so
excited, yet so afraid. You're so prepared, yet so overwhelmed. You're so in love, yet feel so selfish. Those first two are more than you ever think you can handle, but I promise you, you will make it through because you're "MOM" for a reason.

I thought I would share with you a look into our first two weeks home and give
you a little visual! People can tell you a lot of things to try to "prepare" you
for new mommy hood, but let me tell you- until you experience it first hand, you have NO IDEA!

The exhaustion- this is an entirely new level of tired. Your body has just
physically went through pure HELL to deliver your sweet angel and right after
you instantly have a job to do. That new creation relies solely on YOU. You're
in charge of everything! Did I mention the first two weeks most baby's have
their days and nights mixed up? They're ready to party when you're ready to
crash. Oh the heaviness- I can't even describe the feeling of how heavy my eyes were. I literally think I could have slept anywhere, maybe even outside in the snow. I would literally think constantly about sleep. And when family comes to "relieve" you or "let" you take a nap. It's impossible. Your mind never leaves that baby.

Breastfeeding- when people say breastfeeding is a, "full time job" they're not lying. From the time that babe comes flying out, you are their meal ticket. Talk about pressure. With Liam being three weeks early and having to stay in the NICU we had to supplement until my milk came in. The disappointment I felt was so heartbreaking. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively and it just didn't work out
that way. But once it came in it was way harder than I ever imagined. The first
two weeks it's extremely painful. It hurt way more than I expected and my
nipples would bleed almost everyday. It's SO hard not to want to throw in the
towel and start formula. I literally remember sitting in tears from the pain and disappointment. But once you pump that 3 ounces or your baby goes two hours without acting hungry it's totally worth it!

Those hormones- Let me just say pregnancy hormones have NOTHING on postpartum hormones. To say they go out with a dramatic exit would be an understatement. I would literally look at my cat and start crying for no reason. If I made It through the day without crying 10 times it was a good day. I remember sobbing to Justin and him just telling me everything would be okay. You feel so happy but so depressed at the same time. You will think selfish thoughts and then feel
guilty for thinking them. I literally thought I was going to go insane if I had
to look at the 4 walls for another second. You feel SO alone no matter how much
help and support you have.

The bleeding- as if you don't already have enough to deal with right? I'm
talking your worst period times 10! I had no clue there would be that much.
We'll keep this one short and to the point. It sucks!

Last but not least,

The love- the love you feel for that tiny, new baby that drains the life out of
you is unreal. No one can prepare you for the love you will feel for your child.
The feeling is indescribable! You are their everything and they are yours. Their heart is your heart and their life is yours. You can stare at them for hours and never get tired of it. It's a feeling like nothing else.

The first two weeks with my baby were the hardest, most challenging yet most
rewarding weeks of my life. Mom life is hard work but it gets easier. My sweet,
little man is 8 weeks old already. It seems unreal! We are quickly settling in
to our own daily routine now and things run so much smoother! It's crazy how
fast they grow and how much you long for time to stand still. My advice to all
new and expecting moms is to soak it all in. Enjoy every single second! It will
fade into a memory way too fast!
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